Russian army takes control of Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant | Ukraine

The last group of soldiers holed up in the smashed Azovstal steel works have surrendered, Russia’s defense ministry said late on Friday, marking an end to the three-month siege of the defenders’ last stronghold in Mariupol. “Underground structures of Azovstal where militants were hiding are now under full control of Russian armed forces,” the ministry … Read more

‘A historic change’: how Sweden and Finland trod separate paths to Nato | Born

In the words of the Swedish prime minister, Magdalena Andersson, Sweden and Finland submitted their historic Nato membership applications this week “hand in hand”. But they have not traveled the same road to the alliance’s Brussels headquarters. Russia’s unprovoked onslaught on Ukraine – ostensibly intended, at least in part, to prevent Nato’s expansion – has … Read more

Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russian Armored Vehicle With Stugna-P Missile System

Ukrainian troops used a Stugna-P anti-tank missile system to destroy a Russian infantry fighting vehicle, according to Ukrainian military officials. The military said they blasted a BMP-2 armored vehicle and detonated its onboard ammo in the process, killing its occupants. The 24th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces said Thursday: “Detonation of BMP-2 vehicle’s … Read more

Russia claims to have full control of Mariupol as wives share last messages from Ukraine fighters: “Love you. Kiss you. Bye.”

Russia claimed to have captured Mariupol on Friday in what would be its biggest victory yet in its war in Ukraine. The announcement came following a nearly three-month siege that reduced much of the strategic port city to a smoking ruin, with over 20,000 civilians feared dead. There was no immediate confirmation from Ukraine. Russian … Read more

Tornado hits western German city; twelve injured

BERLIN (AP) — A tornado swept through the western German city of Paderborn on Friday, injuring dozens of people as it blew away roofs, toppled trees and sent debris flying for miles, authorities said. Meteorologists had warned that heavy rainfall and hail were expected in western and central Germany on Friday, with storms producing wind … Read more

Russia is about to cut off Finland’s natural gas

London CNN Business — Russia is about to cut off natural gas supplies to a third European country that refuses to accept the Kremlin’s demand for payment in rubles. Russian gas will stop flowing to Finland at 7 am local time on Saturday, Finnish state gas company Gasum said in a statement Friday. Poland and … Read more

Putin promises to bolster Russia’s IT security in the face of cyber attacks

May 20 (Reuters) – President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that the number of cyber attacks on Russia by foreign “state structures” had increased several times over and that Russia must bolster its cyber defenses by reducing the use of foreign software and hardware. The websites of many state-owned companies and news websites have suffered … Read more

Ukraine says US has plan to destroy Russia’s Black Sea Fleet

The US is working on a plan “to destroy the Black Sea Fleet” with powerful missiles in order to unblock Ukraine’s ports, according to a high-ranking Ukrainian official. “The effective work of the Ukrainians on warships convinced (the US) to prepare a plan to unblock the ports,” Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser Anton Geraschchenko … Read more

Russian TV pundit dubs Ukraine war ‘rehearsal’ for NATO clash

Russia’s war in Ukraine may be a “rehearsal” for a possible large-scale conflict with NATO countries, a leading Russian political scientist has warned. Alexei Fenenko, a research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies and associate professor at Moscow State University’s School of World Politics, appeared on the state TV talk show “60 Minutes” … Read more