Copple: US Inflation mostly about plain greed

Letter by Frank Copple of Sun City West

The federal banks and the stock market are all concerned about the current high inflation rate as well as price increases.

Many are attributing this to President Biden’s economic plans and the money, which was distributed to keep families afloat during the early periods of COVID.

This “easy” money is now allowing people to not work and just stay home. You know that’s what “those” people do.

The sad fact is that the wages for “those” people have not increased for over 40 years due to productivity increases (which those people were involved in implementing) and right-to-work laws passed in many states. Only recently have wages started rising as the economy has improved under President Biden.

The main contributor to our high inflation is the cartelization of our economy. We no longer have free market capitalism, which is espoused by the GOP, where all businesses can compete based on their merits. We now have a system whereby a few businesses control segments of our economy.

For example, we have four major meat processing corporations. The same goes for supermarkets, healthcare, airlines, cable, newspapers, and television segments. More frightening is that one billionaire owns 80% of our bakery industry.

The Federal Trade Commission and the DOJ are hands-off to buyouts and mergers.

Moreover, the main driver of high prices is greed. At the start of 2022, there was over $2.5 trillion in household savings. Don’t think the cartels didn’t notice this and want those trillions in their pockets. Just raise prices.

Especially the fossil fuel companies as they can see the death knell for their businesses as more regenerative energies are utilized.

It is really sad to experience how we, citizens, are now just a pawn to be treated so inhumanely just for profits and political gamesmanship. What comes around goes around.

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