Wheelchair-bound Pope Francis beams with joy as he shakes hands with Bono at Rome university

Nice to meet U2: Wheelchair-bound Pope Francis beams with joy as he shakes hands with Bono at Rome university The Pope and U2 singer Bono Vox launched a foundation for women’s education together in Rome on Thursday at the Pontifical Urban University Bono called girl’s education a ‘superpower’ used to fight extreme poverty ‘Women know … Read more

Rabies could return to the US despite strict vaccine regulations, CDC warns

RABIES could sneak back into US despite strict vaccine regulations, CDC warns, after five-month-old rescue puppy that met import requirements from Azerbaijan tests positive for virus Rabies was eradicated in the US in 2003, but has been detected five times in animal imports across the previous 15 years Last year a puppy tested positive for … Read more

Ryanair passenger reveals cunning hack for making a DIY neck pillow on viral TikTok video

Ryanair passenger reveals cunning hack in viral TikTok video to make flights more comfortable and avoid excess luggage charges – use your clothes to fashion a DIY neck pillow The clip has been viewed over 10million times – and Ryanair commented on it It was made by Kristen Black from Atlanta before she flew to … Read more

A fifth of 18 to 25-year-olds have ‘experienced holiday scams or know someone who has’

Revealed: A fifth of 18 to 25-year-olds have ‘experienced holiday scams or know someone who has’, with men more confident than women that they wouldn’t fall for one Figure is from a survey by Airbnb and online security experts Get Safe Online Seven in 10 of those polled believe scams are becoming more convincing Nearly … Read more

Hugging really does beat stress… but only if you’re a woman

If you feel stressed about work, hugging your partner briefly may be your natural reaction. But now scientists have given their backing to tenderly embracing your spouse — saying it really does help to banish stress. That’s because a cuddle — even if it lasts seconds — can buffer the body’s natural response to taxing … Read more

Chris Wallace will host primetime CNN Sunday night show after jumping ship to join doomed CNN+

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace has landed a CNN primetime hosting gig a few weeks after his interview show on the doomed CNN+ app was canned. Wallace left Fox News in December after 18 years at the network to join the CNN+ streaming service, on a reputed $12ma-year deal. That was axed after just … Read more

Apple executive who quit over return-to-office policy returns to Google – which allows WFH

A senior director at Apple who quit his job in protest at the company demanding staff return to the office three days a week has joined Google, according to a report – where work from home is allowed. Ian Goodfellow, Apple’s director of machine learning, is believed to be the most senior employee to resign … Read more

Expert warns that the prevalence of ticks in America is growing

The number of ticks – and by virtue of tick bites – has increased in recent years, one top expert warns, but Americans can protect themselves from the pests this summer with a few simple steps. Dr Jon Oliver, an entomologist at the University of Minnesota, in Minneapolis, told DailyMail.com that millions of Americans are … Read more

The 2022 winners of prestigious Milky Way photography competition revealed

Sprinkle a bit of stardust on your day by gazing upon these sensational shots of the Milky Way.   They are the 25 images claiming gold stars in the annual Milky Way Photographer of the Year competition run by photography blog Capture the Atlas. The photos show dreamy night skies cascading over countries including the US, … Read more

CDC 71 new cases of mysterious pediatric hepatitis

Another 71 cases of the mysterious hepatitis are being probed in the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed Wednesday. No further deaths were reported over the last two weeks, but previously the CDC revealed it was probing five fatalities in the outbreak — with one in Wisconsin. One more child has required … Read more